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I am Harpreet singh. I am a professional chef over 18 years of experience in the culinary world. I studied at the school of hospitality in India. After study I went to hotel “ le Meridian” in new Delhi for training where I got the guidance from different chefs. I worked in different fine restaurants and got more experience and skills.

After years spent in the hospitality sector, I wanted to put myself out there to follow a passion that I have always carried within me and in 2019 I opened this restaurant. For me cooking is my passion to create dishes to perfection.

"My philosophy is based on quality and the respect for the raw material"

Harpreet Singh

Catering for Weddings

We provide catering services for unique Indian weddings. We help transform your wedding into an unforgettable life experience. Contemporary or traditional, charming and elegant, we design, create and coordinate your Indian cuisine menu paying special attention to detail. Whether you choose Northern Indian or Southern Indian dishes, we perfectly know the authentic taste and style of the many cooking methods.

We create elegant menus that are also visually magnificent, complete and flexible following the variety of our clients’ wishes. Our goal is to make your wedding unique and memorable, to leave your guests with an indelible recollection by creating the event you have always dreamed.

Corporate Events

Whether you’re planning to host a private dinner party with your closest family and friends, or maybe a larger gathering to celebrate a birthday, engagement party, business lunches, we are ready to organize. Our Corporate Events bring the most delicious and creative culinary concepts straight to you.

Private Chef

Are you looking for a Private Chef? Chef Harpreet will plan your event, wherever and whenever you want! Whether it’s your home , holidays villa. He takes care of every detail, in the location you have chosen.

Want to know how it works? It is as simple and tailored as you want it to be. He listen to your requirements, visit your kitchen if necessary, then make a few menu proposals and make it happen. He will take care of everything: from shopping to the organization of the kitchen, to setting up the service, to cleaning and reorganization.

You will only have to enjoy your guests!


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